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My mommy thinks I am special

2007-11-20 16:00:03 by Lone-Ronin1


Updated userpage

2007-11-05 23:14:22 by Lone-Ronin1

Updated my userpage, hooray now I got me some redz.


2007-09-28 11:40:39 by Lone-Ronin1

I decided to drop a few flash projects so I can bring my focus on to Kitten Commandos. Which I am getting closer to finishing. Kitten Commandos has different play modes such as Death match of Capture the flag. Its looking pretty kick ass as of now. Once I finish off my game projects I think I am going to cool off and do some animations. I don't really know though.

I am finally putting effort into a flash called Manta Ray. It is going to be a fun little game similar to oroboros) I got most of the graphics and a chunk of coding done. Then Pezzo contacted me and I am now focusing my time on a platformer called Kitten Komandos. (I have no idea if we will even finish it) I still hope to finish Manta Ray and I hope that no one else will try to distract me further.