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Entry #14

I think I'm in love

2009-04-26 21:23:50 by Lone-Ronin1

Until today I've been lonely, I've felt like every moment of my life was just an empty second. Now I feel a whole new need to live. You're the most amazing thing to happen to me. Everything is going great now that I have you. My life is full of feelings that I've never felt before, its simply amazing I love life and I love living. Its all thanks to you. When ever I'm down I can just turn on the TV and see your face, your long blond hair and your beautiful blue eyes. You're amazing Tara, all the pounds you shed as the sweat rolls down your fat face. I love you and I love all the moments we share

Thank you Tara Costa you're incredible.

I think I'm in love


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2009-04-26 22:33:51

She has a dick you know. ;D


2009-04-26 23:27:06

why r u in love with her dude


2009-04-26 23:27:57

oh well as long ur in love its fine by me


2009-04-26 23:38:03

your Boy Friend Seems Nice


2010-12-19 11:53:59

Dude, you need to get back to the real world quick. Otherwise, someday you'll wake up in your forties and still living with your mom. For God's sake, go hit on some chicks.

Btw, I'm not making fun of you, I mean this as a serious piece of advice. Go on, you'll thank me later. :-)