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I have AIDS

2008-10-30 17:54:57 by Lone-Ronin1

I have recently been diagnosed with the AIDS virus. I realize now AIDS is not a laughing matter. I used to make jokes about AIDS and people getting fucked up the butt and getting AIDS. Now that I have it I feel horrible about all the AIDS jokes I have made. The medicine to keep me alive is highly expensive, I will go into serious debt trying to keep myself alive. I hope this message has touched you in some way.


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2008-10-30 18:06:52

That's why you should get a vascectomy as soon as possile *shot*

I hope you're joking about the Aids though.

Lone-Ronin1 responds:

Its a cruel act of fate isnt it?


2008-10-30 19:11:10

its called condoms and ha your gonna die in five years lololol


2008-11-30 15:54:56

Yehhhh... my bad.