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My (internet) crush

2008-08-27 16:49:27 by Lone-Ronin1

Our love is simply the force keeping the internet alive. The inseparable force that lets the whole world stay in motion. Without our love war is broken and hatred rules over the land. Even though we are far apart and never met I still have feelings for you and will always love you, Ryan Pridgeon.


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2008-08-27 17:49:45

I love you too :3


2008-09-03 02:31:48

!!!!!!! >::::CCCCC


2008-09-05 02:32:00

So...we still on for that date?

Lone-Ronin1 responds:

Only if you have a banana in your pants.


2008-10-23 11:46:32

let me have this account.